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Interior cleaner

473 ml


Overwhelmed by hundreds of similar products and finicky cleaning jobs? With Silverwax Car Interior Cleaner, discover an all-in-one solution for removing dirt from the dashboard, console, doors, and other plastic fittings. This ultra-effective product leaves no oily residue that could dry out or discolour surfaces: it’s suitable for all interior components of your vehicle. When you’re finished cleaning, enjoy the fresh scent!

  • Doesn’t make colours fade or plastics dry up. 
  • Leaves no oily residue.
  • Nice and fresh scent. 

  1. Vaporize on the vehicle’s interior components : plastic, vinyl, touch screens, etc. 

  2. Wash with a clean cloth. 

  3. To protect your vehicle’s interior components, use the Silverwax interior protector.