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Rim and tire cleaner

650 ml


A tried and tested performer, Silverwax Rim and tire cleaner is a stalwart of the range, and with good reason: it produces incredible results. Easy to apply and fast acting, it crushes stubborn dirt, brake dust and road contaminants, restoring your rims and tires to tip-top condition. You’ll always be riding in style with a product that’s safe for use on all types of rims as well as plastic hubcaps.

  • Crushes stubborn dirt, brake dust and road contaminants.
  • Safe on all kinds of rims: aluminium, chrome steel or varnished. 
  • Can be used on plastic hubcaps.
  • Doesn’t contain acid. 

  1. Make sure the rims are completely chilled before applying the product. 

  2. Vaporize the Rim and tire cleaner on the rims and tires. 

  3. Rub rims with a washing mitt. For the tires, use an adapted brush. 

  4. Rinse thoroughly.